Quasimidi Raven Image

This is one hell of a module for Techno/ambient music It is now overshadowed by the mighty Emu Orbit and lacks polyphony ...but you can work round this. All in all .....it's umbeatable for the price + you get a groovy arpeggiator which is syncable to midi clock.

Audio Demos


Technical Info
Polyphony 21 voices
Oscillators 3 osc: M.A.S.S. (64MB Samples-In-Memory)
Filter One filter section
VCA ADSR Envelope
Arpeg/Seq none
Effects 2 effects units including reverb
Keyboard 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch
Memory 512 patches, 100 performances
Control MIDI (16-parts)
Date 1995
Current€€ € 150 - 300 (without any card)

Bank Program Bank select PC
GM bank N ctrl 0 64 PC(N-1)
S01 bank N ctrl 0 65 PC(N-1)
S02 bank N ctrl 0 66 PC(N-1)
S03 bank N ctrl 0 67 PC(N-1)
S04 bank N ctrl 0 68 PC(N-1)
S05 bank N ctrl 0 69 PC(N-1)
S06 bank N ctrl 0 70 PC(N-1)
S07 bank N ctrl 0 71 PC(N-1)
Bank Performance Bank select PC
RAM N ctrl 0 0 PC(N-1)
A N ctrl 0 1 PC(N-1)
B N ctrl 0 2 PC(N-1)
C N ctrl 0 3 PC(N-1)