March 2004
The Spectron become the spectralis
Features increase
Musik Messe 2K4 - Walkpaper

Radikal’s brandnew Spectralis Synth provides the advantages of analog, subtractive Synthesis together with modern DSP based Sound Generation as well as a pattern based Sequencer which features traditional sequencing via realtime Input, as well as Drum-Grid Programming and Step sequencing.

Using the Stepsequencer and the Filterbank together makes it possible to create previously unheard dynamic sound progressions, which exceed by far what can normally be expected from a subtractive Synthesizer. The Analog Filtering Technique truly shows off its enormous advantages compared to DSP based Systems.

VCO Section
The Analog Synth was designed with possibilities offered by Modular Synthesisers in mind. The advantages of the Spectralis compared to pure modular systems however are its much more extensive control functions and the ability to fully store all selected routings. The Spectralis of course provides everything one would expect from a perfect Analog Synthesizer: Oscillator Synchronisation, Frequency-Modulation of Filters and Oscillators, Ring-Modulation, PWM, fat 24 dB Ladder Filter Effects, Feedback, Crossmodulation and so on. All of these features of the Analogsynth by themselves would justify the purchase of this ingenious Hybrid Instrument.

It doesn’t end there though! In addition the Spectralis’ DSP Sound Engine delivers complementary polyphonic tracks and drum sounds. The Spectralis has an open DSP System, which means additional Synthesis Algorithms can be added via Software Upgrades. Due to the ability to store up to 96 Mbytes of the User’s own samples, maximum possibilities for personal soundcreation are available.

The Operating Surface of the Spectralis makes it easy to take advantage of all the fantastic features inside. All of the encoders of the Spectralis have a push button function which calls up additional parameters directly to the display for easy editing. Numerous Operating Macros provide the User with shortcuts to perform dramatic Sound Changes with just one encoder. The Sequencer has been optimized for ”realtime” operation. Accordingly this allows for making adjustments and changes to sequenced patterns during LIVE playback and to change drum grooves or sequencer lines ”on the fly”. It is also possible to recall synth configurations at the push of a button – no matter how complex – thus surprise your audience with never before heard sound structures.

As icing on the cake the Spectralis also provides an expandable DSP based effects section.

Listen Demo : Here

Technical Info
SPECIFICATION SPECTRALIS Performance System with programmable Analog-Modular Synth, Step-Sequencer plus DSP Sound Engine.
Analog Synthesizer

Oscillator Bank with 3 Oscillators, Synchronisation, FM, PWM Ringmodulation, 24 dB Lowpass Ladder Filter, 12 dB Multimode Filter with Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass and Notch Selection. Filterbank with 8 Bandpasses, Lowpass and Highpass – designed as GIC Filter for best possible phase linearity Countless High Definition DSP based Envelope Curves and LFOs. Signal Stream can be changed virtually at will and can be controlled dynamically extensively via VCAs. External Signals can be routed through the Synth Engine for Sound Processing and as a modulation source.
Sequencer Step-Sequencer with 32 individual lines for extensive modulation of all synthesis parameters using Step Envelope Curves and Glide Effects which can be triggered per step. A multitude of Step-Sequencer features such as Play Direction, Resolution, Step-Mute, Step-Skip, Transpose, etc. Drum-Grid Sequencer for the DSP Synthesizer Polyphonic Pattern-based Sequencer with real-time Input. Smart-Media Storaging of complete performances.
DSP Sound Engine DSP Sound Engine with 48 true voice Sample-Playback, Multimode-Filter with Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass Characteristics – switchable between 12 and 24 dB. Smartmedia Cards allow for use of personal Samples The DSP Sound Creation is expandable via Software Upgrades! Software for Windows PCs allows for converting of existing Sound-Libraries for the Spectralis. Storage Capacity is 96 Mbyte, 32 MB Sample Rom with Drum-Samples, Sythesizer Samples etc. DSP Engine can be routed through Analog Synth for Sound Editing.
Ins/Outs 2x SUM Out 2x Analog Synth Direct-Out 6x DSP-Synth Individual Outs 2x External Signal Inputs 1x Headphone Out MIDI In-, Out-, Thru Power Connection 100-240 V AC, 50Hz or 60Hz
External Storage Medium 2x Smart Card Slots for storage of songs, sounds and samples


37 Encoders with push button function 56 Buttons with Control-LEDs 1 2x40 Character backlit
Display Accessories Rackears Sample Library Conversion Utility (Summer 2004) Smart Media Soundsets
Dimensions 5 Space, 19” wide Rack Unit Height front 85 mm Height back 114 mm
Price €€ not available yet


March 2003
New Monosynth From Quasimidi Guy The Spectron
Musik Messe 2K3 - watch real video
Web : Raditec

The Spectron with creator Jorg Schaaf Jorg spills the beans RealPlayer DSL More videos... | get RealPlayer Tucked away at the back of hall 5.1, you wouldn't say that this new synth was making a big splash at the Messe. In fact, we nearly missed it. If it wasn't for the interesting sounds emanating from the stand populated with the nifty SAC control surfaces, it wouldn't have had a second glance. Its not as if the new Spectron synthesizer from Radikal Technologies isn't eye catching. We figure it's around 5-6 units high!

At present (this is still a prototype), it's a monosynth 3 osc with a 32 track high resolution sequencer, 10 (or possibly more) BPF (Band Pass Filters) plus a multimode 24dB/oct filter. The Sequencer will be able to trigger envelopes and fade between steps giving minutes of possible sound evolution. Jorg Schaaf, is no newcomer to synth design, formerly of the sadly defunct Quasimidi. As we say this machine is till under development but should be making an appearance later on in the year in it's final form.

it seems to be the spectralis ...