The Sirius is Quasimidi's souped-up keyboard similar to the RaveOLution 309 and aimed directly at the dance market. It's filled with knobs, buttons and cool colors. Designed for total control for live performance or studio work!

Actually most knobs are dedicated to patch editing. It has a welcome new feature, a modern vocoder! There are also 8 control knobs for setting various mixer-type settings (level, pan, fx send). That's right, it has effects on board! It's got a great sound too! Choose from basic categories like 'bass sounds', 'dirty bass', 'pad sounds', 808 & 909 kits and much more! There's plenty of memory (96 user patches) to store your own creations. The filter and envelopes are flexible and sound very good.

Also taken from the Rave-O-Lution is the incredible pattern-based seven track sequencer with part mutes and tap-tempo! A truly useful dance music production synth capable for demanding studio use and creative live performance control with excellent sounds and a funky new vocoder! An ideal all in-one-synth for any DJ or dance musician! It has been used by KMFDM/MDFMK founder Sascha Konietzko.

Audio Demos
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Technical Info
Polyphony 28 voices
Oscillators 2 osc: 128 synth waves, 365 drum and percussion samples
Filter 24dB and 12dB slopes, Hi and Low pass filters with resonance and overdrive
Effects FX1: reverbs, stereo delays. FX2: chorus, flanger, delays; vocoder
Arpeg/Sequencer 16 pattern arpeggiator / 7 track sequencer with tap tempo
Keyboard 49 velocity sensitive keys
Memory 384 patches (288 preset, 96 user), 16 vocoder patches, 20 percussion kits
Control MIDI (7 parts, 3 synth and 4 drums)
Date 1998
Current€€ €600