The Quasimidi Story 1994 - 2000

Quasimidi was a german manufacturer located in Kirchhain, Germany. Since 1988 the company´s new location was Rauschenberg, Germany. At first the company worked on the MIDI-market. Later it is well known as a producer of Synthezisers. Quasimidi was founded by Freidhelm Haar and Jörg Reichstein in 1987. Nowadays Quasimidi is out of buisness...

Quasimidi product

Product name Date of release
Quasimidi Polymorph  1999
Quasimidi Sirius  1998
Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309  1997
Quasimidi Rave-O-lution  1996
Quasimidi Raven  1996
Quasimidi Cyber-6  1995
Quasimidi Technox  1995
Quasimidi T.R.E- and RAM-Module for Quasar  1994
Quasimidi Quasar  1994
Quasimidi Style-Drive-Commander Remote Control  1993
Quasimidi Style-Drive MIDI-Processor  1993
Quasimidi TURBO VOLCON/D Masterkeyboard-Controller  1991
Quasimidi MERGE-MONSTER  1989